The Chronicles of Allaryia

Chronicles of Allaryia

The Gauntlet of Karasthan

res1-a-manopla-de-karastanIn the cosmic vastness, there is a world called Allaryia, wherein dwell great heroes and infamous villains, beings of indescribable beauty and heinously malefic creatures, mighty nations and tyrannical empires in like measure. After many ages of concord and discord, peace now apparently reigns in Allaryia, but it is an unsettling calmness, much like the silence before a storm.

The Gauntlet of Karasthan tells the perilous journey of a ragtag band of adventurers, as they seek the legendary Gauntlet for guidance in their quest to uncover the fate of their nation’s greatest hero, the most significant loss after the last great war. As they travel through a world mollified by peace and unwilling to revisit the horrors of the past,  the adventurers fail to realize that their thoughtless pursuit threatens to reawaken a sleeping, hidden menace that is only biding its time to be released. The very menace that the hero they seek is said to have perished with…

An unforgettable adventure, boasting a diverse and relatable cast of characters, fuelled by high-octane action and a distinct youthful verve that turned it into the most successful Portuguese book of its kind and genre, with two literary awards to its name and an inclusion in the governmental initiative “Ler +”, the Portuguese National Reading Plan.

The Children of the Scourge

res2-Os-Filhos-do-FlageloAewyre and his companions carry on with their quest to reach Asmodeon and lift the veil of secrecy which shrouds the vanishing of Aezrel Thoryn, but many are the obstacles in their path. Now separated, the group will have to depend on each other more than ever in order to survive: Quenestil and Babaki have departed in search of Slayra and her captors, while the rest of the group march ahead towards the hostile steppes of Karatai, hot on the heels of Kror, the enigmatic drahreg that shares the enigmatic Essence of the Blade with Aewyre.

Having removed the sword Ancalach from its resting place, Aewyre has awakened the Children of the Scourge from their long torpor, and set in motion a series of troubling events. Evil reaches out from the shadows in insidious tendrils, biding its time as its true intentions remain inscrutable. Danger looms in Allaryia, unbeknownst to its inhabitants, and the determination of Aewyre and his companions will be put to the test, as will their strength in arms.

Dark Tides

res3-Marés-NegrasAfter a long and gruelling journey, the companions are one step from their final destination: Asmodeon, where Aewyre hopes to unveil the mystery behind his father’s disappearance. The bonds of friendship that bind the young warrior to his companions have been sorely tested and are now stronger than ever, but that strengthening came with a price, and the resulting wounds will not easily heal.

Old enemies return to torment the group, and unbeknownst to the companions, insidious opponents dwell in the shadows of Val-Oryth, all of them in rabid search for the sword Ancalach. In the distance, the Dark Tides are once again rising, harking back to a shadowy past and auguring troubled times for Allaryia and all its people.

The Essence of the Blade

res4--A-Essência-da-LâminaEven though the armies of Asmodeon have been repelled, the bloody and painful quest that took Aewyre and his companions through Allaryia ended in defeat, as the Scourge has returned from the shadows. The secret behind his father unveiled, the young warrior departs towards the Citadel of the Blade, where he must learn to wield the Essence of the Blade he now shares with Kror, or fight for it in a struggle to the death with the drahreg.

Ancient dangers creep once again into Allaryia, and the Scourge’s schemes finally begin to reveal themselves, as nightmares from the past threaten to become a very real danger in the present. The one hope resides within Aewyre and his companions in their newfound quests, but can they possibly prevail against such overwhelming might?

Waves of Fire

res5-Vagas-de-FogoThe armies of the Scourge have awakened at last, and now rage across the continent. The Citadel of the Blade has been levelled, Sirulia has been put to the sword, and birds of ill-omen now fly over Nolwyn, as Ul-Thoryn readies itself for war against Vaul-Syrith.

The companions are separated or lost, and largely bereft of hope. Unbeknownst to many, the sole hope resides within Aewyre Thoryn, but each and every one of the companions will have a role to play in the coming conflict, even if they can no longer count on the strength their unity provided them with. Chased by foes from their past, lost in unknown lands or surprised by enemies once thought of as allies, the group now faces the imminent immersion of Allaryia in the darkness that all had believed  dispelled long ago. Seltor, its harbinger, has learned from his past mistakes, however, and his intentions no longer seem to be the same; or at least, appear not to be what Allaryia had learned to expect from him…

The Fate of the Shadow

res6-O-Fado-da-SombraThe gods are dead, and their fall leaves Allaryia on the brink of a spiralling descent into chaos and destruction. The seeds of the Scourge’s plans are now bearing fruit, and Aewyre Thoryn and his companions are the only ones aware of the insidious threat, as well as the only ones with any hope of fighting it.

The race against time has begun, as renegade servants of the Scourge scheme towards Ul-Thoryn’s downfall. A threat from times immemorial approaches the Pearl of the South, threatening to nip the resistance against the Scourge in the bud. This is the turning point of the Eight Age, after which nothing shall ever be the same again in Allaryia.


res7-OblívioThe Gauntlet of Karasthan brought them together.
The Children of the Scourge united them.
The Dark Tides branded them.
The Essence of the Blade tore them apart.
The Waves of Fire gave them hope.
The Fate of the Shadow destroyed it.

Battered and weary, the companions now face their biggest challenge yet, as Oblivion threatens the foundations of existence itself, just as it seems to be its last hope at survival. In Allaryia’s darkest hour, the shadow rises triumphant, but all is not as it seems, and The Scourge has yet to play his final card…

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